Prepaid Compact Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit



Designed to safely ship HID & compact fluorescent lamps for recycling. Shipping carton will hold the following quantities of lamps:

  • 25 Screw-in or 50 Plug-in Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Carton conforms to all U.S. Department of Transportation and EPA Universal Waste regulations. Price of the Prepaid Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit includes:

  • Specially designed shipping carton, plastic bag for contents, tape and shipping labels
  • Cost to ship carton to you.
  • Cost to ship carton loaded with lamps to our facility via UPS.
  • All costs to recycle the lamps in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Additional information

Lamp Type

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Prepaid Recycling Kit

CFL Carton

Number of Lamps Carton Holds

25 – Screw-in CFL, 50 – Plug-in CFL

Shipping Zone