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Bethlehem Lamp Recycling is a leader in the recycling of mercury and mercury bearing waste. We specialize in providing a safe, convenient and cost effective method for recycling of a wide variety of fluorescent lamps, lights, bulbs and tubes. Using the most advanced process technology in the fluorescent lamp recycling industry, Bethlehem Lamp Recycling is able to recycle 99.9% of the mercury contained in a fluorescent lamp.

Bethlehem Lamp Recycling is operated by Bethlehem Apparatus Company – the world’s largest commercial mercury recycler in North America with over 100,000 sq. ft. including 29 advanced high vacuum mercury waste retorts, 2 continuous feed fluorescent lamp glass retorts, 8 quadruple distillation systems and a 600 ton Calomel processing plant. Bethlehem’s EPA approved system of checks and balances gives you the assurance that your hazardous and universal wastes are being handled in a responsible manner. We know how to solve and handle virtually any of your mercury disposal problems.

Bethlehem Apparatus is also a global supplier of prime virgin and high purity mercury.