Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Service

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Lamp waste causes more mercury contamination of the environment than any other consumer product. Many companies are just discovering this fact and the urgent need to partner with a lamp recycler to safely handle this mercury-bearing waste. Also, when you are looking for a lamp recycler, you want to ensure that the maximum amount of mercury is being reclaimed to protect the environment and help you avoid potential environmental liability risks. Your company may be at risk of severe financial penalties, criminal prosecution and long-term liability if products which contain mercury are improperly recycled.

Bethlehem’s Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program is designed to help companies to comply with government regulations and reduce their environmental risks. It provides a simple, efficient means for the recycling of spent fluorescent lamps. Our service:

  • Meets EPA regulations for fluorescent lamps
  • Provides a simple, cost effective means for disposal using specially designed, DOT and U.N. approved shipping containers
  • Unlike crush and sieve operations, only Bethlehem Apparatus uses EPA BDAT RMERC retort processing for the entire lamp including the glass and end cap

In addition, our processing facilities are approved by the EPA, CERCLA, the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection and a majority of Fortune 500 companies.