EPA Compliance

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Under current regulations all generators of hazardous waste have “cradle to grave” responsibility. Using Bethlehem Apparatus for your mercury recycling means that we assume the liability for its proper management. Since 1950, when we began processing mercury, Bethlehem Apparatus has maintained an unblemished environmental record. Our proprietary processes are designed so that, regardless of the material being processed, no solid, liquid, or gaseous wastes are discharged. For example, our wastewater treatment system, which is capable of handling 100,000 gallons annually, removes minor traces of mercury to below EPA hazardous level of 20 parts per billion!

We meet or exceed all local, state, federal and EPA regulations at every step of the recovery operation. Our system of checks and balances gives you the assurance that your hazardous and universal wastes are being handled in a responsible manner. Our regulatory approvals for mercury recovery/recycling include:

  • EPA – identification No. PAD002390961 (Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.)
  • EPA – identification No. PA0000453084 (Bethlehem Lamp Recycling)
  • EPA BDAT Requirement – satisfied by all our recovery operations
  • CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act)
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection
  • Audits by Fortune 500 companies