Prepaid 4 ft. U-Tube Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit (For U-Tubes)



Designed to safely ship standard fluorescent lamps for recycling. Shipping box will hold the following quantities of lamps:

  • 12 U-Tube T-12 Lamps
  • 16 U-Tube T-8 Lamps

Box conforms to all U.S. Department of Transportation and EPA Universal Waste regulations. Price of the Prepaid Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit includes:

  • Specially designed shipping box.
  • Cost to ship box to you.
  • Cost to ship box loaded with lamps to our facility via UPS.
  • All costs to recycle the lamps in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Additional information

Lamp Type


Prepaid Recycling Kit

4' Box

Number of Lamps Carton Holds

12 U-Tube T-12 Lamps, 16 U-Tube T-8 Lamps

Shipping Zone